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All your reinstating services under one roof.

Affordable Handyman In Singapore

no matter how small or large the scale is

Man Vacuuming

Post Tenancy Cleaning 

Ensuring a meticulously sanitized and revitalized environment before occupancy or project handover to the tenant.


Curtain Cleaning Service

Offering Curtain Dry Cleaning, On-Site Curtain Steam Cleaning, and Disinfectant Fogging services for pristine and hygienic surroundings.

Painting Services

Providing expert painting services tailored for both commercial and residential projects.

Flooring Works 

Specializing in replacements for damaged areas and offering comprehensive polishing and re-varnishing services for parquet, timber, marble, or granite to maintain their original allure.


Handyman Services

Extensive handyman services available, catering to projects of any scale, ensuring attention to detail and quality workmanship.

Fixing an Air Conditioner

Aircon Servicing

  • General Servicing

  • Thorough Chemical Overhaul for optimal performance

  • Expert Aircon troubleshooting & repair services

Plumbing Works 

  • Swift and effective resolution of leakage issues.

  • Expert handling of pipe choke problems.

  • Installation and replacement services for accessories, basins, sinks, and Water Closets.

  • Skilled installation and replacement of water heaters, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Electrical Works

  • Skilled re-wiring & troubleshooting services

  • Installation and replacement of lighting points and various lighting fixtures

  • Professional installation and replacement of power sockets or switches

  • Prompt resolution of electric circuit switchboard tripping or blowing issues.


Hacking And Disposal 

Offering hassle-free services ranging from built-in cabinets, bed frames, window curtains to old furniture, ensuring environmentally responsible disposal methods.

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