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Welcome to OPPA Annyeong Pte Ltd, your trusted partner for top-notch end-of-tenancy cleaning solutions.

We understand the paramount importance of leaving your rental property in impeccable condition as your tenancy draws to a close. Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals possesses the expertise required to meticulously address every aspect of the cleaning process. Armed with cutting-edge technology, top-grade cleaning agents, and a comprehensive array of supplies, we ensure that your property is returned to its original pristine state, ready to welcome the next occupant.

Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering guaranteed outcomes and ensuring absolute contentment for all our clients, including landlords who can rest assured they will never be left dissatisfied. Our ultimate objective is to facilitate our clients in securing their full deposit refund while affording them the peace of mind that their property is being handled with the utmost care.

Scope Of Professional  End Of Tenancy Cleaning
  • All external and internal surface areas

  • All bathrooms, tiles, floor, mirror, glass, basin, toilet bowl & fixtures 

  • All windows, grilles and ledges, interior only

  • Floors vacuumed and mopped

  • Degreasing of kitchen tiles, oven, hood and hob

  • Clean all exterior and interior of wardrobes & kitchen cabinets (if empty)

  • All doors, door frames, skirtings to be wiped down

  • Clean all fans and exterior of light fittings

  • Internal cleaning of fridges and washing machines/dryers (if any)

NEA Approved Cleaning Company

End Of Tenancy Cleaning In Singapore

Other Cleaning Services Includes: 

 Curtain Dry Cleaning

We offer 3-day turnaround curtain cleaning service - one of the fastest turnaround for curtain cleaning in Singapore.

Curtains are bulky, heavy and difficult to remove, hence we provide removal and installation service, even for high ceilings.

  • No Dismantling and Installation

  • No Wrinkling Guarantee

  • Kills 99.99% of Bacteria, Dust Mites, Allergens and Other Harmful Factors

  • Gets Rid of Foul Odour

  • Most Effective and Safe Way Of Cleaning Without Causing Any Damage To The Fabric

Curtain Steam Cleaning

Disinfectant Misting & Fogging

Hospital Grade Disinfectant Used For Sanitization Purposes

With the recent spike in Covid-19 cases in Singapore, having a disinfected environment that you can feel safe living in has never been more crucial during this period as we simply cannot afford to take any risk.

For this, we brought in an advanced fogging machine equipped with NEA - approved disinfectant Super-Q (406) to give both landlords & tenants a peace of mind amidst the current pandemic situation.

Super-Q (406) is a concentrated ‘QAC’ Disinfectant. It is tested and proven to kill 99.99% of germs bacteria and viruses.


Certification BS EN 1500: 2005. This product is commonly used by top cleaning companies to sanitize any premises suspected to breed germs, bacteria or even viruses. It has been used on premises like schools, food factories, Old age homes and even hospitals

  • Alcohol free based sanitiser – suitable for Halal food establishments

  • Rinse free formula, non-toxic, safe to use after dilution

  • Can be added to Refreshing Lime / Floral or Heavenly Lime / Floral / Cool / Cherry multipurpose floor cleaners to strengthen its anti-bacterial formulation to clean and sanitise at the same time

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